If you’re here from one of the socials, looking for the thingie that I said I loved, here is the master list of things I recommend because I have used them and I fw them the long way.

Everything here is an affiliate link. That means somebody, somewhere will send me a lil bit o’ money if you make a purchase after you click the link. BUT they won’t charge you any more than they’d already planned to charge you. Making purchases through these links helps me keep creating content for you lovelies! So have at it.

This is the air fryer that I have. My third so far. The first was too small. The second was recalled. So far (knock on wood) this one is behaving as expected.

This is the “coffee” that I buy when I don’t make my own. This company is Black MaGe owned, so of course I fw them the long way. I usually buy the mocha and caramel and do a scoop of each for a 16 oz. cup. Honey or date syrup for a sweetener. Coconut cream for… well cream. And it is a great way to start the day. It IS caffeine free.

So if you need caffeine, I suggest this brand. It’s half caf and contains adaptogenic mushrooms that I really liked. My creamer/sweetener was this chocolate ghee, but you feel free to use whatever floats your boat.