Build Your Own Cookbook

In this world, there are so many stressors and stimuli competing for our attention, it can be so hard to dedicate time to nourishing ourselves. Build Your Own Cookbook is a program to help you carve out that time and find at least 15 meals that you can lay your hand on to feed yourself. I love to work with my neurokin to figure out what works well for them and keep us all fed.

Who is Build Your Own Cookbook (BYOC) for?

Literally everybody! Most BYOC participants are neurodivergent, disabled, and/or hold other marginalized identities. There are various barriers to finding reliable ways to eat well for us. This collaboration is meant to remove at least one.

What is BYOC?

It’s a collaborative program where you and I co-create a cookbook that is personal to you. We’ll meet three times, once every other week. Our first meeting, we’ll assess likes and dislikes, what tools you have, and what you hope to do more of in the kitchen. A couple days later, I will send five meals of various difficulty levels. I will also list some websites that I trust where you can find some good recipes for your diet.

Hopefully, you will have time to try a couple of the meals before we meet again. And ideally, you would add three or four meals of your own to the spreadsheet. We’ll talk about the meals I sent, the meals you added, and the categorizations. Based on what we discuss, I’ll send you three more meals and more resources for our next go round. You will find your final three or four meals and add them to your cookbook.

And in our final meeting, we’ll discuss the meals I sent, the meals you added, and prepare you for independently building your cookbook out from there.

Why would I participate in BYOC?

Past participants have come to this collab with various goals. Some were starting a new way of eating, for instance the first 30 days of an elimination diet or adjusting for new allergies. Transitioning to a new way of eating can be a huge headache. Having a partner on the journey can lighten the load.

Others simply are tired of eating the same 2 or 3 meals through the week and are hoping to expand their repertoire. Whatever the reason, by the end, you’ll have 15 meals that of various difficulty level in a spreadsheet. Hopefully you will be able to make 6 of them without referencing your cookbook at all.

OK, I’m in. How much?

This is a Pay-as-You-Can program starting at $69 usd.