Plan to Eat: My AIP Secret Weapon

One part of being on a very special diet for my health is altering recipes to fit the multiple exclusions. I started using Plan to Eat before I began the […]

woman in green dress and wide brim hat sitting in cabbage field

Cabbage Recipes, But Make It AIP

A lot of healing diets emphasize eating more vegetables. With my Very Western Diet upbringing, it was difficult not to make meat the star of every meal of every day […]

Cauliflower Rice… But Better

One of my (many) pet peeves with the autoimmune protocol and previously the ketogenic diet is that So Many Bloggers have decided the best way to make low carb rice […]

bowl of savory oatmeal topped with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and roast salmon

The Anti-Overnight Oats Oatmeal

At some point in the past 10 years, overnight oats became A Real Thing. And there were 8 trillion SAHM bloggers explaining how you could save time in the morning […]

green coffee mug being dipped into a flowing stream

How to Make Water Palatable

First option to explore is your tap water. I’m in Northwest Indiana. And for the entirety of my childhood, our water was made suitable for drinking using a cocktail of […]