Sasha, a dark skinned person wearing a deep gray tank top, drinks water from a stainless steel tumbler.

Choosing a Water Bottle

If you follow on Facebook, I ask you just about daily if you’ve filled your water bottle. If you’re into that kind of thing, and you’re not yet following on […]

AIP Breakfast Drinks

Initially in the AIP elimination phase, I missed coffee. Like… a lot. I loved having warm drinks in the cooler months, and my mushroom coffee with a tablespoon of chocolate […]

Christmas themed Mickey Mouse cup being filled with AIP "coffee"

AIP Compliant “Coffee”

So, coffee is not autoimmune protocol compliant. Yeah. I know. Me too, bud. BUT I have found a decent sub! You just need an electric kettle (or a pot and […]

Fisherman’s Sheet Pan Egg

            If you’re anything like me, you are pure evil a tad unreasonable when you’re hungry. Also, when you are too hungry, you also cannot […]

chicken thigh and green beans on a white round plate

One-Basket Chicken Thigh and Green Beans

Air fried chicken thigh has become one of my favorite #SameFood proteins in the past few years. It was safe while I was diabetic. It is inexpensive. Readily available at […]