Cabbage Recipes, But Make It AIP

woman in green dress and wide brim hat sitting in cabbage field

A lot of healing diets emphasize eating more vegetables. With my Very Western Diet upbringing, it was difficult not to make meat the star of every meal of every day forever. It still is, since this is a safe space for honesty.

But I love, LOVE brassicas. All of them. Brussels, kale, collards, broccoli, cauliflower. Allum. Obsessed. So I wanted to share some recipes that with minor tweaks can be AIP compliant. Cabbage is the star in all of these.

RecipeSourceBut Make it AIP
Cabbage AnchovyFood52Make sure the anchovies are in olive oil
Sub coconut oil for butter
Nix the black pepper.
Skip the parm
Roast Chicken with Schmaltzy CabbageSmitten KitchenOil of choice? Choose avocado or olive
Nix the pepper
Sub coconut oil or olive oil for butter
Soulful Cabbage and Collard GreensI Heart RecipesNix the bell pepper and double up on the onion or replace with diced carrot
Skip the black pepper
Make sure the bacon is AIP compliant
Eggroll in a BowlThe Seasoned MomUse olive or avocado oil instead of sesame oil
Use coconut aminos with a dash of molasses and a sprinkle of extra salt instead of soy sauce
Use white wine vinegar instead of rice vinegar
A dash of fish sauce will help round out the flavors more
Make sure to use some fresh or packed minced ginger along with the dried/ ground. It’s just better that way.
That TikTok SaladI Am A Food BlogUse a white wine vinegar or, if you’re schmancy, champagne vinegar instead of rice vinegar
Sub roasted sliced tigernuts for walnut or skip altogether
Alternatively, you can make an AIP pesto and have it ready to pour over the cabbage

Some notes:

Every place where you omit black pepper, consider adding galangal. It’s like a semi-spicy ginger. It will not be black pepper. It will not be nightshade hot peppers. But it is better than the nothing this diet allows.

I hope this helps you get an idea of how to add more vegetables to your diet, particularly cabbage, which is an awesome vegetable for digestion.

PS: This is a secret message from Everyone’s Favorite Baby.


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