Plan to Eat: My AIP Secret Weapon

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Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

One part of being on a very special diet for my health is altering recipes to fit the multiple exclusions. I started using Plan to Eat before I began the autoimmune protocol (AIP). But it has been invaluable to me as I navigate the elimination phase. Plan to Eat is a personal recipe repository where I save recipes from across the web and my own recipes as I develop them.

A perk of Plan to Eat that it is easily synced across devices. I, a noted bisexual, do not choose between operating systems. I have an Android device, an iPhone, an iPad. And I have my computers, the laptop and the desktop. Plan to Eat syncs across all those devices seamlessly. 

After the children have gone to bed, I shop recipes for meal planning clients or students in Build Your Own Cookbook. Most of that searching I do using my Android device because it has a larger screen, yet it is handheld. I can save the recipes to my Plan to Eat recipe box and pull them up on my computer to investigate them more closely later. 

Another great function of Plan to Eat is that I can customize the recipes. I can alter seasoning measurements, which is so very important especially for recipes that are made particularly for the autoimmune protocol. So many of the recipes that I find for the autoimmune protocol are written by people who have very different flavor tolerances than me. I’m constantly adjusting the amount of herbs added.

When I want to cut the recipe for smaller portions, Plan to Eat does the math for me. Can you say hooray for no math? And there’s the option to save the new portion size as the default for that recipe.

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

Because I can alter the recipes within Plan to Eat, I can experiment with recipes that are not written particularly for the autoimmune protocol. I can add substitutions or omit ingredients I won’t use. For instance, if the recipe calls for a russet potato, which is one of the eliminations on AIP, I can substitute that for a white flesh sweet potato. Plan to Eat also saves the link to the original recipe. So if I need to reference the original recipe I can very easily.

In regards to saving links, because Plan to Eat saves the recipe from the website onto your recipe book, if that website disappears or becomes paywalled, you still have the recipe! Remember saving an NYT Food recipe to Pinterest and go to look for it only to see the pop-up asking for $1 a month to see their entire catalog? No more! Once the recipe is in Plan to Eat, it’s in there til I remove it. If I’m worried about keeping the original recipe, I can make a copy of the recipe to edit.

If you sign up using my link, you can see the recipes that I’ve saved and edited for AIP. Also Plan to Eat will give you 20% off your first year membership. Try the program for 2 weeks and see if it enhances your life. It definitely has been great for me.

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